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Getting to the Academia in San Miguel

Before You Leave

Tourist Visa 

As of 2007 all U.S. and Canadian citizens will need a valid passport to obtain a tourist visa to come to San Miguel de Allende. (Please note: an American I.D. is NOT considered an official document in Mexico.) A tourist visa will be validated for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 180 days . The visa will be handed to you either at the ticket desk at the airport or during your flight. When you arrive in México make sure that the card is validated for the period you wish to be here. As of 2013 it is no longer possible to obtain an extension of a tourist visa in San Miguel. If you overstay your visa, you may be fined as you exit the country. All non-U.S. or Canadian citizens will also need a valid passport to enter Mexico.

All non-U.S. or Canadian citizens need a valid passport to enter Mexico. Please make a photo copy of your passport for our office. The Minstry of Education of Guanajuato requires that we keep a photocopy of every student's passport on file. So, for those planning to enter Mexico without their passport, please make a photocopy for our office and tuck it in your luggage.

When you arrive, the Academia will give you a student I.D. which you can carry around town and keep important documents and other valuables safely tucked away. Please bring two passport-size photos with you for your student I.D.


The easiest and most convenient way to get money is with your ATM card. There are many ATM machines throughout Mexico and the exchange rate is competitive. The only fees involved are those that your bank charges for using an ATM.

The credit cards that are most popular here are Visa and Mastercard.

Before you leave photo copy all of your important documents including: passport, credit cards, ATM cards, drivers license, traveler's checks, birth certificate, or any other hard-to-replace items. Make at least two copies of everything and leave one with a friend or relative at home. Bring the other copies with you. This is a good insurance policy should your documents be lost or stolen and can save valuable time, money and energy in case of emergency.


Take Your Spanish & Explore Mexico
If you plan to travel throughout Mexico, you may want to purchase a good guide book before you leave. Some of the best are the Michelin (green guide), Fromers, Fodor's and Lonely Planet.

Packing List
ATM card or traveler's checks
Photocopies (see info at left)
2 Passport-Size Photos
Mini-Size Toilettries
Ear plugs (light sleepers)
Pepto Bismal or similar
Sun Hat
Sun Glasses
Bathing Suit
Laundry Bag
House Shoes
Walking Shoes
At least 1 sleeved shirt
At least 1 pair long slacks or
Skirt (not too short)
Bathrobe or coverup
Day bag or backpack
Light jacket
Rain gear (June - Aug.)
Wool sweater (winter)
Other comfortable clothing

Useful reference books

All Spanish Verbs:From A to Z by Larousse

501 Spanish Verbs

Billingual Dictionary 

To see the current weather, suggested clothing, and average rainfall, please see our location section.

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