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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Academia differ from other schools in town?
We are the oldest school in San Miguel that teaches Spanish as a foreign language. We have a solid reputation for providing a serious and in-depth program. The Academia is the only school in San Miguel that offers an official Diploma in Spanish as a Second Language.

What is the maximum number of students per class?
The maximum number of students per class is twelve. We have found this student to teacher ratio ideal for group activities, conversation, and exercises.

What is the average age-range of your students ?
In the Summer college students make up the majority of the student body. When they return to regular schooling in the Fall, we see more older adults. Throughout the year generally we see students ranging in age from 25-65.

Is San Miguel safe for young people and women travelling alone?
Yes, our town is still quite small and is very safe. Nevertheless, if you live in the outskirts, we recommend that you take a cab home after 10:00 PM. 

Can I obtain a Diploma in a shorter time span if I am not a beginner? 
No, you cannot. We will give you a placement exam in order to determine your Spanish level and grade. Each exam is charged as a One on One 2-hours class ($36.00.) However, you are required to take all of our Seminars and Workshops. Please note in our academic calendar that Seminars are offered only every four months throughout the year.

Can I obtain proof of my having studied at the Academia for less than one month?
Yes, if you study with us for less than a 4-week Session, we will be happy to give you a certificate of attendance.

How do you determine a student's level? 
We strongly recommend that you start at the beginning of the Session. However, if you arrive a week late, you may take a few private lessons in order to catch up with an already formed group.

Must I begin my group studies at the beginning of a Session?
If you are not studying for credit, you may begin anytime on a space-available basis. Generally, we recommend that you take a few private lessons (Uno-a-uno) so that you can catch up with an already formed group. This is determined by your entrance examination.

Do you offer credits by the week? 
The minimum period for which we can give you an academic credit is for a four-week Session.

Do you make housing arrangements?
We encourage students to live with a Mexican family in order to practice their Spanish and learn about the Mexican culture. Outside of family stays, we do not make housing arrangements but we can send you a list of suggested apartments and pensiones. Just give us a call or write to us.



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