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Intensive Program

The core of our 3 Spanish Programs occurs in the mornings, from 8:30 AM to 11:20 AM, when twelve is the maximum number of students allowed per classroom. During this time the student has a very active role in explicit learning and is exposed to the four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. 

Our Intensive Spanish Program is comprised of an average of six daily hours of classes in Spanish, which are a combination of our morning and afternoon classes.  Students in any of our 6 Spanish levels are welcome to take our Intensive Spanish Program, and they are welcome to take one week or two weeks or three weeks of class or a full 4-week Session, in which they will complete one Spanish level. 

All of our courses are imparted in Spanish by native Spanish-speaking instructors.

Our afternoon Workshops and Seminars combine students that are in different Spanish levels, and the number of students in these courses is not limited to twelve. Our 3 Seminars are imparted as lectures and are meant to be introductory surveys on Mexican Literature, History and Sociology.

Our 4 Workshops are: Oral Communication, Pronunciation & Diction, Grammatical Problems and Folk Singing & Folk Dancing.  None of these afternoon courses are formally academic and their linguistic purpose is that students improve their Listening ability in Spanish as well as broaden their vocabulary in a controlled context.  Through listening and speaking the language in an engaging and informative environment, we also hope to introduce and engage the student in the cultures of Mexico and Hispanoamérica.   

Please be aware that a True Beginner in Spanish must begin their studies when we begin the Session. Otherwise, students are welcome to begin one week late into the Session if they are not able to start at the beginning of the course.

You can choose one Seminar/Workshop according to your abilities from our Schedule

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