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Español Uno-a-Uno Online


Great question! Private online Spanish classes are very similar to a One on One class. Their advantage is that one can choose a time that is most suitable to one’s personal schedule. In addition, the open format allows the student to suggest topics of interest that he or she would like to work on and the skills they would like to practice.

By booking a private class with any of our native teachers, you can:

  • Choose what you want to practice during your session: speak, review grammar, answer questions, prepare for an interview, and more. Tell your teacher your goals.

  • Answer questions regarding what you are learning in the course.

  • Practice speaking and increase your confidence in the language.

  • Improve your pronunciation since your teacher will explain how to correctly produce and pronounce the sounds in Spanish.

  • Perfect your knowledge and use of the language in selective areas such as grammar, conversation, syntax, speaking and listening, among others.


  • Register  on our website.

  • Choose the option “Online”.

  • Sign up on with the same email you used to register for the online class.

  • Download the application to the device of your choice: computer, tablet or cell phone.

  • Make sure you will not miss your Spanish lesson by scheduling a reminder and putting it in your calendar.

Zoom is the latest generation of meetings and video conference software. We encourage our students to use Zoom for their Spanish  lessons online so that they can get the best learning experience.


Below is a list of prices for a lesson with our tutors. Each lesson is 50 minutes, all prices are in US dollars (USD), and there are no additional fees. You can purchase as few as one lesson.



Please review the following policies for all online classes with Academia Hispano Americana.

When you purchase One on One classes from Academia Hispano Americana, you agree to the following policies.


Purchasing Classes

All lessons are to be paid in advance.

Invoices may also be emailed directly upon request. 

All payments may be made via credit/debit VISA/MASTERCARD. The Academia Hispano Americana cannot accept checks or transfers.

Please note that your payment authorizes only one person to access and participate in the course.  Sharing course content with others or publishing it is strictly prohibited. Should you share your course access with another person, your access to the course and all its material may be immediately revoked for violating these policies.


Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to provide accurate contact details to ensure communication with your teacher and the Academia Hispano Americana staff. 

Course updates and important information are sent by email.


Scheduling Classes

All classes are scheduled via email.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure the selected time zone is correct for accurate class times. 

When you schedule your class, you will receive a confirmation by email and a reminder email 12 hours before your class.


Canceling or Rescheduling Classes

If you cancel or ask to reschedule within at least 24 hours notice, you will receive credit for a future session.

If you cancel or ask to reschedule with less than 24 hours notice, you will NOT receive a refund and the class will NOT be rescheduled. 

If you do not show up for your scheduled session, you will NOT receive a refund.


Late Arrival

Lessons are to start on time. Academia Hispano Americana cannot refund or make-up lost time due to student’s late arrival.

Always inform the Academia Hispano Americana if you will be late. If you are late for a class without notice, the instructor will wait and keep the class open for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the instructor will close the class and you will NOT receive a refund or the opportunity to reschedule.



One-on-One Classes.Academia Hispano Americana does not issue refunds for classes that have already been completed.


Instructor Needs to Reschedule

In the event that your instructor with Academia Hispano Americana cannot meet at the scheduled time, 24 hours notice will be given or in case the instructor has technical difficulties.

Both parties will try to reschedule the earliest time, which is mutually convenient for both student and the instructor. If no reschedule is agreed upon, fees paid are usable for future lessons.


Holidays and Vacation Time

The Academia Hispano Americana observes  the national holidays of its employees and teachers. 

We will remind you of these holidays when they are approaching. 

If your instructor is taking vacation time, we will let you know at least one week in advance.


Copyright and Use of Materials

Copyright of lesson material: all lessons provided by Academia Hispano Americana are the property of Academia Hispano Americana solely, and may not be reused or distributed in any way unless written consent from Academia Hispano Americana has been given.

All content and materials are for authorized personal use only. Unauthorized use and sharing are strictly prohibited. 

Class times and materials may not be shared with others and are the property of Academia Hispano Americana.



If you have questions about any Academia Hispano Americana policies, feel free to contact us. We respond to email inquiries Monday-Friday.

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