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Student Resources

AHA Excursions
Each Session we offer our students a selection of fun field trips to historical cities and landmarks. Some of them include: Querétaro, a city famous for its opal quarries and Baroque architecture; Guanajuato, a major silver mining center in the 18th century which is known for its underground streets and mummy museum; the Atotonilco shrine, now a world landmark for its unusual frescoes, is still visited by over 6,000 Catholic pilgrims every weekend; and very near there - our favorite natural hot springs where we go for a swim. Also, on Friday afternoons we offer a traditional Mexican cooking class conducted by an expert Mexican mama.

Public Library
San Miguel has a very nice Public Library with an extensive collection of books in English. You can become a member by leaving a $200.00 pesos deposit (about $18.00 US), $100.00 will be reimbursed to you before you leave. In the afternoons you can participate in a conversation exchange in Spanish with people who are learning English. The library also offers an ongoing weekly series of films. It is located 3 blocks from the Academia.

Internet Cafes
There are many Internet Cafes in town that are very reasonably priced. One of them is two doors down from us.

"El Recreo" offers books only in Spanish and some videos. 
"Lagundi" offers magazines and maps.

Outdoor Sports
San Miguel has several hot springs or "balnearios" from which to choose. So bring your bathing suit, sandals, cover-up and plenty of sun screen. From the athletic lap swimmer, to the carefree sun bather, to the therapeutic soaker...there's something for everyone here.

Botanical Garden
There is a lovely cacti botanical garden that preserves and sells plants. A good place to have a picnic and a safe stroll in the countryside.

The Academia Offers Free of Charge:

  • A mailbox in which we will place any mail, email, faxes and packages you receive. In emails be sure the sender inserts your name in the subject area.

  • Money exchange for dollars and traveler's checks.

  • Incoming calls. We will voice you to the phone booth at any time.

  • A safe deposit box for your valuables.

  • The school's doctor in case of emergency.

  • Additional information you may require, Carmen and Jorge are in the office from 8:30 am - 6:30 pm, Mon-Fri.

  • Upon arrival, the Academia will issue you the school's I.D. so that you do not carry an official I.D. or passport during your stay and get into musuems for free. 

  • Wireless Internet 

Car Rental: Hola Rent-a-Car

Bicycle Rental: Bici-Burro

Cooking School: La Cocina 

Golf: Club de Golf Malanquín

Horseback Riding, Hiking, and Excursions:  Coyote Canyon Adventures

Painting and Drawing: Artist Edgar Soberon, Instructor from Parsons School of Design

Classical Guitar Lessons: Angel Goded

Mobile: 415-114-1824 

Alternative Travel:

Special Events: Festival Internacional de Música, San Miguel de Allende (August)

Short Film Festival (July)

Jazz Festival (November)

For general information about San Miguel click: Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Vacation Rentals, Houses for Sale, Shopping and information about the community of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Portal San Miguel



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