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Español Uno-a-Uno

Our One on One Spanish Program is offered for those who have an urgent need to communicate in Spanish but have limited time at their disposal. You may begin this program at any time and on any level.

A typical One on One student is a business person or professional who must attend a congress or deliver a speech in a Spanish-speaking country. Others need to learn rapidly to work among Spanish speakers, and will be constantly using and improving their use of Spanish in the future.

The pace is as fast as the student can absorb the material, and must be complemented by constant practice in conversation, either as a part of a 1-hour class or a conversation hour for each 3 or 4 hours of structured pattern practice.

Listening to other students at one’s own level, interacting with them and hearing the teacher correct others is a valuable part of the group learning process, and it probably assures a more realistically paced absorption of Spanish. But those who feel that they do not function efficiently within a group often opt for One on One.

Students are free to take as many One on One classes as they feel they need, but we recommend no more than 3 hours per day. Because our regular instructors teach these classes in their spare time, available time slots are from 12:30-2:30 m and from 3:30-7:00pm. We recommend changing teachers as much as possible to take advantage of different rhythms of speech and personalities. We will try to book you with the teachers of your preference as long as they are available.

The cost of a One-on-One 1-hour class is $22
.00. Tuition must be paid no later than a day before classes are scheduled. Most students book and pay for these classes weekly, usually on a Friday, for the coming week. Students may cancel a paid class no later than the day before as well, as no credit is given for classes cancelled the same day. Tuition may be transferred to our Intensive Spanish Course if space is available at the student’s level. However, tuition paid for the Intensive Spanish Course is not transferable to the One onOne program.

We should receive your application along with the required deposits, marked One-on-One, at least two weeks before you plan to arrive. Please specify the exact date on which you plan to begin classes and the number of hours daily you wish to book. Please plan to arrive the day before your studies begin in order to register and take a brief written and oral evaluation. 
If your deposit reaches us on time but there are no One-on-One openings on the dates you specify, we will contact you promptly to advise you of available alternative dates.

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