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Getting to the Academia in San Miguel

Getting to San Miguel

Traveling to San Miguel de Allende
The nearest airports are located outside the city of León and outside the city of Querétaro, and both are 1 1/2 hours away from San Miguel. The airport in Mexico City is 4 hours away by bus. The airlines servicing León are fewer and prices may be about $100 USD higher. They include Continental, American, Mexicana and Aereomexico. When seeking airline reservations online use these city codes: Mexico City (MEX), Querétaro (QRO) and León (BJX). 

However, the easiest and most comfortable way to get here is through a service offered by BajioGO travel agency. They will have somone meet you at the Mexico City airport or the León airport and bring you to your accommaditions in San Miguel. To make arrangements, please contact BajioGO at: or call 52 (415) 152-1999. Ask for a student discount. ¡Buen Viaje!

Taking the Bus from Mexico City to San Miguel
Upon arrival at the Mexico City airport, you can buy a ticket for a taxi at a booth just outside the Customs area. Specify that you wish to go to the Central de Autobuses del Norte. The trip by bus from Mexico City to San Miguel takes about 4 hours and costs about US$30.00. An easier way is to take the AeroPlus shuttle, from the airport's "Sala D" to the city of Querétaro (Qro), a 3-hour trip. Once
in Querétaro, take a Flecha Amarilla or Autovías bus for a one-hour trip to San Miguel. Please note that the last bus leaves at 10:00 pm. You can also hire a cab from the bus terminal to San Miguel.

For more information on bus schedules within Mexico, please check the following sites:

+52 415 152 0349

+52 415 152 2333


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