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Live with a Mexican host family

Mexican Home Stays

Mexican Family Stays

At the Academia Hispano Americana we believe that living with a Mexican family is a vital part of language learning and affords a wonderful opportunity to experience Mexican culture first hand.

We know all of our Mexican families personally and they have been carefully selected. They offer guests clean and comfortable rooms, a well balanced diet, and the opportunity to converse in Spanish. In many cases, students become part of the family and are invited to join in other activities, celebrations, or family outings. We often hear that being part of a Mexican family was one of the highlights of the program.

Mexican Meals

In Mexico we eat a hearty breakfast which typically includes fresh fruit, eggs, refried beans, bread and tea or coffee. The midday meal, which is served between 2-3pm, is the largest. It usually includes a starter soup or salad, followed by a main course (usually meat), cooked vegetables and a light dessert. The evening meal is much lighter - usually a sandwich, "sincronizada" (ham & cheese tortilla), or tacos, etc.

Rest assured that host families will take dietary needs into consideration. (Please let us know if you are vegetarian, or have dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc.) Additionally, all water and vegetables are purified and chile sauce is served on the side so you can add as much spice (picante) as you like. Mexicans work hard in the kitchen - everything is fresh - canned and convenience foods are seldom eaten.

Mexican Customs

The state of Guanajuato is one of the safest, cleanest, and most traditional regions in all of Mexico. We ask students to respect the norms and traditions of our families. For example, students are expected to wear shoes in common areas of the house - going barefoot is not acceptable (it's also dangerous around our cobblestone streets). Additionally, students should seek permission from the family before inviting others into the home. At no time would a member of the opposite sex be invited into the students' bedroom.

Placement & Fees

If you would like to stay with a Mexican family, please select this option on the application form or let us know. We will try to place you with a family that has similar interests, professional training or hobbies to your own. Please indicate if you have special needs (allergies, vegetarian, etc.)

Upon receipt of your US $30.00 Placement Fee, we will advise the family chosen to house you, thus guaranteeing you a place to stay on the arrival date you specify. All further financial arrangements are between the family and the guest. You are not obligated to remain in a home any longer than you wish to, and will be refunded by the family if you decide to leave. We appreciate your comments about your family stay, and must know beforehand if you decide to leave.

The cost for a 28-day stay with three meals is $35.00 USD daily for a double room and $40.00 USD daily for a single room. Our family stays come with full board only, but students are free to skip as many meals as they wish as long as they advise the family beforehand. Payment is due in advance and students are required to pay at least 10 days at a time. No refunds will be given for meals missed or weekends away.

When requesting double occupancy please be aware that we can not guarantee a roommate of the same age group or profession. We do our best to match compatible people. But if you have strong preferences in this regard, we recommend reserving a single room.

Alternative Housing:

The Academia does not arrange housing outside of the family stays.


For information on rentals please consult: and

Recommended B&Bs:

$$ Casa Carmen
Warm cozy inn home with home style cooking.

$$$$ Casa Schuck
Luxury Bed and Breakfast. 5 minute walk.

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